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String Tying Machines

The World’s First Automatic Package Tying Machine was invented by our grandfather Benjamin H. Bunn in 1907.

Staying a family business for over 108 years, the third generation continues to improve strength, quality and longevity utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies while maintaining the original concept.

Mr. Bunn always said, “Build the best Tying Machine in the World, provide the best Customer Service with product knowledge and promptness, you will have customers for life.”

With over 1,500 different variations, we continue to be the World’s leader in String Tying Machines. B. H. Bunn can still supply parts and twines for its’ customers that have machines built over 80 years ago which is unprecedented in the industry today.

B. H. Bunn Company offers standard and custom String Tying Machine solutions for a wide range of valium kidney disease.

Bunn Tying Machines and Bunn Twines are Environmentally Friendly and a great alternative to plastic strapping.

Call B. H. BUNN today for a solution that can last a lifetime.