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The U.S. House of Representatives has Returned to Bunn Tying Machines to Handle All Its In-House Mail Needs.

Bunn Tying Machines, once the main means of securing bundles in a variety of industries, have been making a comeback lately as packagers look for cost effective, environment-friendly and safer solutions. Facing federal recycling requirements and sky-rocketing costs, the legislature decided to replace plastic packaging materials with Bunn Machines, which are easier to use and require only bio-degradable twine to operate. “Postal employees will be able to open packages with a letter opener or simply untie them,” said John Bunn, President of the company founded by his grandfather more than a century ago. “The resurgence of Bunn Tying Machines results from lower costs to the packager and a lower cost to the environment” he added. Bunn Tying Machines are characterized by simplicity of operation. The operator positions the package on the front table, then presses the foot trip by means of a unique revolving arm which carries the twine around, securing the package. The Bunn Tying Machine automatically adjusts the length of twine so there is no waste of materials. The Bunn tying machine also maintains tension control for all size bundles, which helps make the machine the most secure way to ensure that a package actually arrive intact at its destination. Bunn Tying Machines, which are 100 percent American-made, have demonstrated greater longevity than competing solutions, which also do not offer the benefit of local service and training. Bunn’s highly-praised service and training programs are carried out from the company’s head office in Lakeland, Florida, and through a rapidly expanding network of distributors. Bunn Tying Machines dramatically cut costs per bundle by replacing plastic with low-cost “green” friendly twine, Bunn Tying Machines offer the added advantage of safety features, preventing the usual cuts that occur when working with traditional plastic strapping. Even mail recipients benefit from the elimination of the “snap back phenomenon” which happens all too often when plastic strapping is cut. Bunn offers a variety of tying machine models specially tailored to the needs of the mailing industry. The B. H. Bunn Company (on the web at has been manufacturing tying machines for virtually every conceivable industrial packaging application since 1907. Today it is a major force in packaging food products, laundry, graphic arts, and many other areas of industry.

by B. H. Bunn Co., originally published

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